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In Memoriam

The love we have of our pets are what keep their memory alive. We invite you to share your favorite memory or story of your pet's life as a tribute to the love and devotion they shared so unconditionally. Your memories can be shared via this form or by emailing us. We thank you for sharing their story with us.


Porter was never one to complain. He was a big dog and just pushed through with aplomb. He was a lab and a natural newspaper retriever who relished his job and to get the payment for a good job done


Petey came into our world 15 years ago on December 17, 2006 

and left us on December 18, 2021

Petey was a rambunctious little puppy as soon as we got him. In the beginning we were overwhelmed with the amount of energy he brought to our home. We adjusted quickly as he brought joy to our lives through his frequent playing, hunting (possums, lizards, wild birds, snakes, and gophers), and snuggles.

Despite Petey’s natural tendency to hunt, he was affectionate to his fellow pets in our home. One pet in particular was our Cockatiel named Chewy. Despite being different species, Petey and Chewy communicated. Chewy would alert Petey to animals in the yard as well as visitors. Petey was a highly intelligent dog, and on the few occasions when Chewy would fall out of his cage, he would rush over to Chewy but not touch him as he knew Chewy was his buddy and not to be harmed. They were friends for many years until Chewy’s untimely passing in 2018.

In addition to being gentle with Chewy, Petey was also affectionate and gentle with our granddaughter. Petey was curious with our granddaughter and allowed her to pet and touch him without being aggressive. He would kiss and snuggle with her. Our granddaughter was lucky to have spent her first years with Petey as he was an excellent dog to show her how to respect and love animals.

It is difficult to condense 15 great fun filled years with Petey. All of us have our own stories on how he made our lives so happy. He loved to snuggle anywhere and with anyone. He would jump onto Dad’s lap when he‘d least expect it . He’d get on the couch in the morning for his daily massages. Most of all he would play with his toys. He would bring out every toy he had in the yard or inside the house to entice you to play with him. It was funny to watch. We miss it dearly. He was always ready to play with his ball whether we were ready or not.

We miss this precious dog and can’t imagine any other dog being as sensitive or caring as he was. It is hard to not have him during this time of grief. Petey was there for us during the loss of loved ones, bad news, or just feeling down. He was a great consoler. It’s hard not having him during this time but we were lucky to have had him for the brief time we did. He lived in the present and didn’t ask for much but gave us everything he had to make us happy. Thank you Petey! Rest In Peace Petey Dog

We will always love you

Lil Girl

I found, or received my Lil Girl in September of 2004. I was at a house warming party when some friends showed up with her as a gift for my friends new place. They had explained how they found the little kitten lost on their porch with no mother to be found anywhere. Unfortunately one of the roomates claimed allergies to cats and refused to allow her to be in the house. Somebody in the party had the dumbest idea to just place her over the fence into the field in the backyard. Mind you this is in SLC, UT and already winter weather. This little kitten would have either froze to death or been eaten. Without hesitation I immediately spoke up and told everyone that I would take her and keep her. I will never forget the first time I held her. She was so small that she could fit into my one hand. She was the cutest little kitten and had beautiful green eyes.

I took her home to my apartment and luckily already had one other cat, so I already had the supplies I needed to care for her. I could not decide on a name for her and since my other cat was a male, I started referring to her as “Lil Girl”. When I took her to the vet for the first time I was asked what her name was and could not answer. I was then asked what I had been calling her. When I explained myself the lady at the vet office wrote “Lil Girl” down on her notes and told me that, thats what her name was going to be.

She bonded immediately with my other cat who was just around 7 months older than her. The two were inseparable and I referred to them as brother and sister. Lil Girl quickly became my snuggle buddy. She enjoyed sleeping at my head and would nudge me in the head or knead on me when my alarm clock would go off and I wouldn't wake up. She was always the sweetest little thing and always loyal to me. She would sit on my lap for hours and look at me weird when I needed to move her. She moved with me all over the place all the way to our forever home for her.

When my daughter was born she immediately built a bond that was the hardest for me to see break near the end. The sweet cat that loved to lay by my head on my bed and snuggle with me traded me for my daughter. I understand pets tend to sense and latch onto people when they know they are needed and I am forever grateful that my daughter got to experience the love of my kitty the same way I did.

No matter how much time passed, how big our family got or where we moved, she adapted and continued to be a happy, healthy and loyal kitty. When my son was born, she became just as fond of him as she was of everyone else. She loved her boy and would show him often. She could sit and let him pet her for hours.

She remained an indoor cat her entire life with the occasional back porch creep around when we were outside bbq or hanging out. She always ran back inside and enjoyed her family inside where it was always warm and safe. She would spend hours on her stair bathing in the sun.

Christmas was always her favorite, not sure if it was the tree, the lights or the wrapping paper she got to play with after gifts were open but she always enjoyed it.

As the years have gone by she has had to deal with me leaving her for some extended periods of time. Boy, did she ever make me regret it. She always had a way of making me feel bad for leaving her once I returned home. I always found it funny how she knew how to get my attention and affection.

The first time she got sick was shortly after 15 years old and I began to worry but quickly came to accept that we would not be able to keep her forever. I was hoping to make it to 20 years with her but in the end I could see the pain she was in. She went from a happy, mobile cat to an elderly old girl who could barely care for herself and required assistance for many everyday tasks and would tire just walking to her food bowl.

We were extremely fortunate to have her for a couple more years after her being sick and love that everyone in our family had a bond with her.

I like to use the phrase when speaking about her that, I have had her longer than I have had my family. Prior to meeting my wife it was just me and her and her brother. She out lived her brother and continued to hang on for me for what I believe was my children. She never shied away from them, she never got uncomfortable with them but she showed them great love and companionship through the early years of their lives and the later years of hers.

I could not have asked for a greater companion and kitty friend than my “Lil Girl”.

In the end, we sent her home with such care.

I set the Christmas tree up so she could see the tree and lights one last time.

She had a nice, last bath (which she hated). We washed her blanket and bed. We had a family photo session, the kids wrote and drew her pictures. I wrapped her in her blanket, placed her in her bed and held her in my arms. We sat as a family outside on the grass at sunset and got to say our final goodbyes. She drifted off in my arms surrounded by her whole family and all her special toys staring into the sunset.

I loved this cat with all of my heart and I know my wife and kids did too. I was very fortunate to have been able to have my Lil Girl for the past 17 years. It is time I will cherish forever and she is a pet that I will never forget.



Herbie was the best family dog. We had an amazing 16 years with him being in our family as he was our first baby and he not only put up with 4 kids going through the toddler phase where they wouldn't leave him alone but he loved them. He loved to be snuggled and scratched near his back end/tail, he loved to be walked. He also was a Houdini and escape artist but he would always come back. He loved to play fetch and get teased with a toy and pounce on it. He always greeted you and was so excited to see you. He loved sunbathing in the sun and loved the snow. He was just the sweetest soul. We sure miss our Sweet Herbie, our love bug, our Herbster, our Herbzzz, and Houdini. He made us laugh.. He made us smile. So grateful for Peaceful Pets who helped us laugh and cry through all the sweet memories with us as we peacefully said good bye our wonderful first baby.    



Chumley loved meeting everyone with a wagging tail and his ears back when they walked up the driveway. He would always push his big squishy face in my legs to get all of the ear scratches and face rubs. He was sassy yet sweet! Chums always wanted to rough house but then give you kisses when play time was over. He spent a lot of time with his gma looking out of the window or taking naps with pops on the couch. He will be dearly missed and loved for eternity. My best good boy! 

~Collin D


Snoopy was a sweet old soul who loved everyone. His nose got him into trouble many times throughout his life but it was also the easiest way to get his attention - just hold a treat in front of his nose and he’d wake up from a deep sleep in less than a second! His kind nature always made you want to give him a big hug and forgive him for anything. He was a loyal and true friend to me for 14 years. Life will truly be different without him but I am so so lucky to have had this good boy in my life.

Thank you for helping him pass on peacefully, surrounded by everything and everyone he loved most. I am so grateful for your help. ❤️


(in memory of Snoopy,  9/3/2007 - 11/12/2021)


We gave him the 10 best years of his life after an amazing human being, Ali Hillis, rescued him from the shelter on his red collar day. Joey taught us life lessons about tolerance, patience & empathy of those with special needs. He was so, so loved and will be missed beyond words.

~Nicole H.


Monkeydo’s mama made him this video tribute and wrote about his life journey in his blog:







~Ann H.


Simon was the pure embodiment of LOVE.

He loved spending his days with his dad, Kristian, going to work in their convertible Alfa Romeo or in his side car on Kristian's vintage vespa bike - which you'd often see them in town driving around on.

Simon was a very best friend, who's absence is felt every day.

~Kristian S


Cricket was such a sweet, unique and loving cat. We adopted him at age 4, after he was an adoption return from another home. He was a big boy, coming in at 19 pounds, and had extra toes and a mystery claw to add to his specialness ☺️ He taught us so much about life, love and cat behavior 💕 He was such a sweet boy with a soft coat, he loved when we would “head bonk” each other, he loved sleeping between my calves, his nighttime routine included “making bread” on my chest (all 19 pounds of him 😆), he would follow me into the bathroom to “protect” me, he made the funniest noises when he would carry his “stuffed animal” toys around in his mouth, and his nap time was mostly spent at the top of the cat tower in the sunshine by the window. At one point he even needed “baths” for his skin, so I just took him in the shower with me, and to my surprise he was an absolute angel! He was also a very loud purr-er and LOOOVED food.

Watching him decline with his illness was hard, but we did what we could to ensure he felt so much love and comfort through the process. It hurts so much that he’s gone, but that’s part of loving them so much ❤️ Your sweet face will never be forgotten, we love you Cricket, Rest In Peace and comfort 💕

~ Christina and Dalton W


We were so lucky to adopt Ricky for our local shelter 8 years ago. I'll never forget how sad he looked curled up in ball in the corner of the pen but once we got him in the play area of the shelter he stole our hearts as he ran circles around us with his excitement. Shortly after we adopted him I became pregnant with my daughter. Over the years, the two of them became cuddle buddies and the best of friends. He became her saving grace during distance learning and was well known by her classmates and teachers during class meetings over zoom calls. It was such a comfort for her to have him by her side. He even tolerated being pushed around in doll strollers and playing dress up. He was certainly a special little guy and will always be a part of our family, heaven or Earth.
~Lisa J 


Benjamin was the sweetest boy who loved all the treats. 

I hope wherever he is, he’s getting all the treats. 🥺

~ Charlene


Max was such a wonderful and unique companion. He loved playing catch and fetching his tennis balls. He lived for going on car rides and our daily later afternoon walks at the park. Although he had many health issues, he was determined to live his best life no matter what came at him. He nestled himself into our hearts so deeply with his quiet demeanor and devoted love. He will be truly missed! We love you our little guy.

(Photo is of Max on his way to the park)

-Vicki and Robert


This is Tuni! She was with us for 9 glorious years! She was our sweet lil’ Pomeranian-Poodle…so fluffy and beautiful, like a little bear cub. She brought so much joy, loyalty, faithfulness and most of all, unconditional love to our family.

Our fur babies have a purpose and it is simply to love. I believe their time on earth with us is limited because they are simply born knowing how to love and be loved, expecting nothing in return but a pat or a cuddle. Humanity needs more time to learn, grow and open our hearts a little more.

Thank you Petunia 🌺

Always in our heart and memory♥️

Thank you to Peaceful Pets.🌹

~Tiffany Benson-Coffey~


Zen kitten was my first and only cat. I have always been more of a dog person but Zen came to me through my sister back in October 2002. She was the sweetest, most amazing cat ever and was faithfully by my side for 15 years.

She love to stand by the pantry and meow until somebody fed her snacks. She was always quick to hop in anyones lap in hopes of petting or brushing. She was the most passive, amazing kitty and I will probably never get another cat in my life because none will be as perfect as she was.

~Melissa L


Phoebe‘s favorite thing was water. She loved jumping in puddles or going for a swim in the pool but her favorite thing to do was play in the sprinklers. This is how we like to remember her.

~Erica and Peter N


Eva was born into the lap of luxury. She only knew love & goodness. She bravely and sweetly fought liver cancer not letting it deter her for over a year. She played, enjoyed her walks, ate well and sat on her throne chair until the day she went to Heaven. She was a gentle, loving, sweet soul. Heaven has an angel.

-Wanda T


Jeanette & Summer had to put our Hoss boy back together more than a couple times. He was Indestructible starting from the day he was born. Jeanette finally said I should write a book about all of his adventures. When he was 6 months he jumped out of a moving truck and broke his leg.

Then he ate a bird of paradise plant and had to have his stomach pumped.

He ran underneath my car while I was driving and only had to get 7 stitches.

He attacked and killed a skunk while being sprayed multiple times, it didn’t even phase him.

He ran out into the mountains at our house in Frazier park and came back with what looked like a huge mountain lion scratch down his whole face.

He also ate an entire bowl of grapes. Nothing .

The worst one was when he was attacked by our other dog (whom I had to rehome afterwards) He had over 50 stitches, staples and two drains put in and almost lost his leg. Thankfully he had the best vets in the world to save him once again.

And then it was finally lymphoma that took him but he still ate and drank and was a trooper all the way to the end.

We will never ever forget our HOSS. 🖤

~Chantelle P


Our sweet Zoey had a big personality. She loved to be in the center of the crowd and always worked her way to the middle of the group. Not too easy for a Bullmastiff. She was most comfortable in our home and we would often find her napping in the silliest positions. We started to notice that she was gaining weight while I was put on bedrest for pre-term labor, and we just associated it with a lack of exercise since I wasn't able to walk her. But then we noticed other changes with her muscle function. At that point we began the weekly trips to the vet's office to see what the problem could be. We tried different medications, but at that point, she could barely stand up. Each time we took her to the vet, she would shake and we would have to end up carrying her, all 120 lbs of her, into the office. Even when she was healthy, it was a battle to get her in the door. When we finally decided that it was time to let her go, we were so grateful that we found Peaceful Pets and we were able to say goodbye to her surrounded by the people she loved, and in the comfort of the place she loved best.

~Katie D


Bandit was our special boy who loved, played and protected us. He was especially close to me during my recent illness, and never left my side. Bandit lived an amazing 14 years and had a great life of wonderful times with us. He was always up for hiking in Placerita Canyon and beach trips too.

Our boy got tired but towards the end he never complained. He protected us to his final day.

He will be greatly missed and we are so grateful for Bandit’s time he spent with us.

RIP, Sweet Boy.
~Joni S