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Frequently Asked Questions

🐾  How far in advance do I need to schedule?

🐾  How do I know that an end-of-life decision is appropriate?

🐾  What areas do you service?

🐾  Do you do in-home quality-of-life assessments?

🐾  I'm worried I may be making this decision too soon. If Dr. Yamamoto feels euthanasia is not appropriate for my pet, will she tell me?

🐾  Should my child/children be present?

🐾  Should my other pets be present?

🐾  Do I need to prepare anything for your arrival?

🐾  How long are you in our home?

🐾  Does the procedure cause my pet any pain?

🐾  What does the procedure involve?

🐾  Is there any mess involved?

🐾  Who cremates my pet?

🐾  When will I receive my pet's cremains and/or keepsakes?

🐾  How do I know these are my pet's cremains and paw print?

🐾  What happens to my pet if I do not have their cremains returned to me?